This will work on the following Westinghouse Models:

4U603W, 4U604W, 4U605W, 4U606WPAK518W, PAK520W, PAK557W, PAK507RC, PAK507RC*56 PAK509R*52 PAK518W*52 PAK520W*52 PAK529B*52 PAK557W*56 PAK509R*53 PAK518W*53 PAK520W*53, PAK529B*53 PAK557W*55 EOEM61CS EOEE62CS EOEE63CS EPEE63CS 944031499 EUEE63CS EDEE63CS, POR663S, POR663W POR667S 94403144272 POR667W POR668S POR668W POR668S*02 POR668W*02 POR883S EOEM61CS*01 PDR790S PDR790W EOEE62CS*01 EDEE63CS*02 PDR790S*02 PDR790W*02 EUEE63CS*02 EOEM61CS*02, 94403149963 94403149802 94403146172 94403151670 POR883W 94403137870 94403151671 94403146272 POP663S POP663W, POP667S POP667W POP668S POP668W POP663S*02 POP663W*02 POP667S*02 POP667W*02 POP668W*02, POP668S*02 PXR688S PON663S*40 PXR688W EBC5451W*53 PXR698S PON663W*40 PON667S*40 EBC5481W*55, PXR698W, PON667W*40, PON668S*40 PON668W*40 PGP657S PGP657W PGP659S PGP659W PXP688S PXP688W PXP698S PXP698W PXP688S*02 PXP688W*02 PXP698S*02 PXP698W*02 EOC627S EOC627W EOC647S EOC647W PSP632S PSP632W EXC627S EXC627W EBC5451W*40 PGR657S PGR657W PGR659S PGR659W PORS663S-L PORS663S-R PORS663W-L, PORS663W-R PORS668S-L PORS668S-R PORS668W-L PORS668W-R PORS668SL*02 PORS668SR*02 PORS668WL*02, PORS668WR*02 PAK509R*40 PAK518W*40 PAK529B*40 PAK520W*40 PAK804W*40 PAK806W*40 PAK808W*40, POPS663S*02 POPS663W*02 POPS668S*02 PXN688S*40 POPS668W*02 PXN688W*40 PXN698S*40 PXN698W*40, EOC624S*40 EOC624W*40 EOC644S*40 EOC644W*40 POPS663S POPS663W POPS668S POPS668W PGN657S*40 PGN657W*40 DSP635S DSP635W PAK509RC*40 PAK558W*40 PGN659S*40 PGN659W*40 EBC5451W*59 EBC5481W*59 PDP79OS PDP79OW PEK1370W-L PEK1370W-R EOC627S*01 EOC627W*01 EOC647S*01 EOC647W*01 EE63AS*47 EXC624S*42 EXC624W*42 4U603W*40 SATURN 4U603W*40 4U604W*40 GEMINI 4U604W*40 4U605W*40 POLARIS 4U605W*40 4U606W*40 APOLLO 4U606W*40 4U608W*40 ALPHA 4U608W*40 PGP657S*02 PDP790S*04 PGP657W*02 PGP659S*02 PGP659W*02 PDP790W*04 PSN632S*40 PSN632W*40 EUEE63AS*40 P0R663S P0R663W CFE537WA PEK1350W-L*59 CFE547WA CFE547SA PEK1350W-R*59 PEK1370W-L*59 PEK1370W-R*59 EXC624S*40 EXC624W*40 EOEE62AS*47 EOEE63AS*47 PPN776S*46 PPN776W*46 PPN778S*46 PEK1350W-L*40 PPN778W*46 PEK1350W-R*40 PEK1380W-L*40 PEK1380W-R*40 PSP632S*60 PSP632W*60 EGC624S*40 EGC624W*40 EGC634S*40 EGC634W*40 EOEE62AS*40 EOEE63AS*40 PDP794S PDP794W EDEE63AS*42 PDN790S*40 PDN790W*40 PPP776S*02 PPP776W*02 PPR776S PPR776W PPP776S PPP776W EOEM61AS*42 EOEM61AS*47 EXC624S*43 EDEE63AS*47 EXC624W*47 DSN635S*40 DSN635W*40 PDP794S*02 PDP794W*02 PDR794S PDR794W EDEE63AS*40 P0R881S 4U613W(Saturn) POR788SCC POR783S 94403164269 EVE613SA 944031645 63K906W 63K906S PNC94403148609 63K914S 94403149609 94403146910 PNC94403148610 PNC94403148509 63K914W 94403149509 PNC94403148510 94403149510 94403148610 94403148510 EVE611SA 94403164272 EVEP615SB EVEP611SB EVEP618BB EVEP614BB CFE536WA CFE536SA PEK1350W-L EVE623SA PEK1350W-R WLE527WA WLE537WA WLE547WA WLE625WA WLE645WA WLE646WA 940001822 WLE626WA 63K906S 94403149413 POR881S POR667SH 944031715 94403149313 94403149613 94403149513 POR667WH 944031714 EBC5451*43 EBC5481*43 DSP635S*60 DSP635W*60 PDP790W 4U613W PNC940001791 PNC940001792 EOEM61AS*40 EUEE63AS*46 PDP790S*02 PDP790W*02 EVEP623SB EVEP626BB EOEE62CK*02 944031505 EUEE63AS*41 EPEE63CK 944031500 4U608W*58 ALPHA 4U608W*58 4U606W*58 APOLLO 4U606W*58 PORS668S-L*02 PORS668S-R*02 PORS668W-L*02 PORS668W-R*02 EBC5481W*40 PON781S*40 PON783S*40 EBC5481W*42 POP783S EUEE63AS*42 EOEE62AS*41 EOEE63AS*41 EDEE63AS*41 63H906S*42 EOC614S*42 63H906W*42 63H914S*42 63H914W*42 EOC624S*42 EOC624W*42 EOC644S*42 EOC644W*42 PPN776S*47 EOEE62AS*42 EOEE63AS*42 POP783S*02 EGC624S*44 PPN776W*47 PPN778S*47 PPN778W*47 EGC624W*44 EGC634S*44 EGC634W*44 PAK804W*46 EOC624S*49 EOC624W*49 PEK1350W-L*52 PAK806W*46 PAK808W*46 PEK1350W-R*52 PEK1370W-L*52 PEK1370W-R*52 PEK1370W-L*54 PEK1370W-R*54 PEK1350W-L*53 PEK1350W-R*53 PEK1370W-L*55 PEK1370W-R*55 PEK1370W-L*57 EGC627S EGC627W PEK1350W-L*57 PEK1350W-R*57 PEK1370W-R*57 EGC627S*01 EGC627W*01 EUEE63CK*02 944031502 EOEE63CS*02 PDR794S*02 PDR794W*02 WFE616SA, WFE619SA 943000914 WFE642SA, WFE619WA, PDN794S*40 PEK1350W-L*43 PDN794W*40 PEK1350W-R*43 PEK1380W-L*43 PEK1380W-R*43, EVEP615SA, EVEP618BA , CFE537WA, WVE613SCC, WVE615SCC, WVE616SCC, WVE677SCC 944031719 WVES613S-L 944031682 WVE613S 944031680 WVES613S-R 944031712 WVE613W 944031681 WVEP615S 944031688 WVES613W-L 944031683 WVES613W-R 944031713 WVEP615W 944031689 WVE615S 944031684 WVE645S 944031694 WVE615W 944031685 WVE626S 944031700 WVE665S 944031698 WVE626W 944031701 WVE665W 944031699 WVE617S 944031690 WVE636S,WVE636W, WVEP618S,WVE617W 944031691 WVEP618W, WVE655S, WVE617SN, POR783S*02 63H906S*40 63H906W*40 63H914S*40 63H914W*40 PEK1370W-L*43 PEK1370W-R*43 WVE616S 944031686 WVE616W 944031687 94000179416 94000179516 CFE547SA 94000179616 WLE547WA 94000180516 WLE625WA,WLE645WA 94000182116 WFE647SA 94000182716 WFE647WA, 94403145303 94403145403 63K906S*01 63K906W*01 63K914S*01 63K914W*01 944031667 EOB305X 944031429 EOB307X 944031430 944031669 PONS663S*40 PONS663W*40 PONS667S*40 PONS667W*40 940001830 940001831 WFE517SA 940001824 EVEP611SA 944031651 EVEP614BA, WFE547SA 940001823 62H682W*40 EPEM61CS 94403164363 94000181817 94000182117 94000181917 94000182717 WFE647WA, EOEK62AK EOB305X-1, EVE614BA, EVE626BA, EVE636BA , WVE615SH 94403172101 WVE615WH 94403172001 94403170101 94403170301 WVE655W, PDP790S, 4U604W*46 GEMINI 4U604W*46 4U606W*46 APOLLO 4U606W*46 4U608W*46 ALPHA 4U608W*46, WDE147WA-L 940001838 WDE147WA-R 940001839 WVE607S, 4U613W*46 SATURN 4U613W*46 94403137863 WDE135WA-L 940001836 WDE135WA-R, EOB307CX-C , EPEE63AS*42, EVEP613SA, EVEP616BA, EVE633SA, EVE616BA,EOC647S-ML14, EUEE63AS*47, EVEP613SB, EVEP616BB, POR663SCC, POR663WCC,  EVE616SC 944031730 EVEP614SC 944031726 EVE626SC 944031734 EVE636SC 944031736 EVEP604SC 944031728 EVEP606SC 944031729 EVEP616SC 944031731 EVEP626SC, EVE607SC, 63K914S ML14 94403146914 63K914W ML14 94403149514 EVE614SC 944031727 EVEP618SC 944031733 CVE662SA 9440317430 CVE662WA 9440317440 CVEP604SA 9440317510 CVEP614SA 9440317410 SVEP614SA 9440317460 CVE612SA 9440317370 CVE612WA 9440317380 CVE614SA 9440317390 CVE614WA, SVE614SA, CVE624SA, SVE624SA, POR881W, PAK507RC*59 PAK509R*59 PAK518W*59 PAK520W*59 PAK529B*59 PAK557W*59, CVE602SA, WVE614SA,, WVE614WA, EOC624S*49, POP663S*02, PDP794W, POP667S*02, PPN778S*47, PPN778W*47, PEK1370W-L, EOEM61AS*47, POP667W*02, POPS668W*02, 4U608W*40, POPS663S*02, 62H682W*40, PAK518W*40, EBC5481W*40, PDP794S*02, EBC5451W*40, DSN635S*40, EOB307X, PGP659S*02, PPP776S*02, PSP632S, PSP632W, EBC5451*43, EBC5481*43, POPS663W*02, PAK509R*40, PEK1350W-R*40, PEK1380W-L*40, PEK1380W-R*40, POP668W*02, PAK520W*40, EDEE63AS*47, PPN776S*47, PEK1380W-L*43, PSN632S*40, PSN632W*40, DSN635W*40, EUEE63AS*47, PXN688S*40, PGP657W*02, PXN698S*40, PXN698W*40, PDN790S*40, PDN790W*40, PDN794S*40, PDN794W*40, EXC624S*40, EXC624W*40, PPP776S, PPP776W, PGP657S, PEK1370W-R*43, POPS668S*02, PEK1350W-L*40, PXP688S, PXP688W, PXP698S, PXP698W, PDP790S, PDP790W, PDP794S, POP668S*02, EDEE63AS*41, EUEE63AS*41, PEK1370W-R, PEK1350W-L*43, Westinghouse, Oven, PXP688S, EOB305X, PPN776W*47, PXP698S*02, PXP698W*02, EDEE63AS*42, PEK1380W-R*43, PDP794W*02, PEK1370W-L*43, EOC644S*42, DSP635W, EUEE63AS*40, EBC5481W*42, PPP776W*02, PGP657S*02, DSP635S, PXN688W*40, PGP659W*02, EUEE63AS*46, 63H906S*40, 63H906W*40, 63H914S*40, 63H914W*40, PON663S*40, PON663W*40, PON667S*40, PON667W*40, PON668S*40, PON668W*40, PON781S*40, PON783S*40, PGN657S*40, PGN657W*40, PGN659S*40, PGN659W*40, EDEE63AS*40, PONS663S*40, PONS663W*40, PONS667S*40, PONS667W*40, PGP657W, PGP659S, POP663W*02, PGP659W, EOC624S*40, EOC624W*40, EOC644S*40, EOC644W*40, EOEE62AS*40, EOEE63AS*40, EOEM61AS*40, PPN776S*46, PPN776W*46, PPN778S*46, PPN778W*46, POP663S, POP663W, POP667S, POP667W, POP668S, POP668W, POPS663S, POPS663W, POPS668S, POPS668W, EUEE63AS*42, EOEE62AS*41, EOEE63AS*41, PDP790S*02, PDP790W*02, PAK529B*40, 

Wattage: 2200w

Please note:
At the Appliance Hub we care about your safety so for any warranty to be valid it must be installed by a current NZ registered electrician.

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Westinghouse Fan element

  • Product Code: Westinghouse
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  • $54.90

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